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Makeup Lessons



2 H | $200 

Are you ready to take your makeup skills to the next level? Our makeup lesson appointment is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enhance their everyday makeup routine. During the 1 1/2 hour appointment, we will provide step-by-step guidance on creating a natural and effortless everyday look. You'll be given the gift of hands-on experience to apply makeup to ensure a comfortable and customized approach. We'll use high-end products and techniques that cosmetically enhance every feature you have. From contouring and blending to creating the perfect cat-eye, you'll master all techniques that will make you feel confident for any occasion.  You will have access to our professional-grade makeup products to use during your lesson or choose to bring some of your own favorites. You can request an equivalent shopping list to get the same looks we created together if interested. Most importantly, we'll ensure that the everyday makeup routine suits your style and preferences to make it a practical routine that you can apply quickly and anywhere! Interested in booking this unique appointment? Contact us today to schedule your lesson and unlock your most beautiful self!


1 H | $100


Our eye makeup lesson is perfect for anyone looking to learn how to enhance their natural features and transform their look from day to night! The lesson is highly interactive, enabling you to gain hands-on expertise in techniques from defining brows to blending eyeshades expertly and extending the wear time of eye products. During this appointment, our expert makeup artist will demonstrate how you can use eye makeup to accentuate your eye shape & color in the most elegant and innovative way. You will have access to top professional products and tools and learn the secrets of creating a smokey eye and creating winged eyeliner or different styles depending on your preference. Whether you're looking for an everyday look, captivating bridal makeup, or a bold evening makeup look, we try our best to equip you with lasting techniques to get you there effortlessly.    



3 H | $275

Are you looking to challenge yourself and take your makeup skills to the next level? Our advanced makeup lesson appointment is perfect for those who already have a great set of skills, and want to elevate it to the next level. During this 3-hour appointment, clients will have access to our experienced makeup artist's industry secrets and expertise to produce unique and outstanding performance skills tailored to fit any look or style.


This session is a private one-on-one lesson where we will teach clients how to transform their looks for special occasions or to enhance their current techniques with advanced makeup tips and professionally-approved trends.


With hands-on demonstrations, we will work iteratively with clients, guiding them towards achieving their ideal makeup look. We're here to provide professional opinions while making sure the techniques learned and takes away useful for any event. We take pride in our flexibility and preference-driven approach, so every lesson is best delivered for every client's style and personal makeup beliefs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             



1 H | $125


Want to help your teen feel more confident in any situation? Look no further than our teen makeup lesson service! We understand that adolescence can be a stressful and challenging time, which is why this lesson is focused on building an inner relationship on a neutral and basic approach to makeup.


Our 1-hour teen makeup lesson is packed with practical makeup application tips to avoid the most common mistakes a beginner can make. The goal is to teach young women how to care and manage their skin ideally as they grow. Providing a hands-on experience for your teen. We make sure your teen acquire the latest trends in skincare, introducing simple routines for flawless complexion, followed by makeup application techniques like foundation matching, enhancing the brow, and natural everyday applications.


The lesson will focus on current and relevant trends for that age-level intending to give a perfect result, a youthful and natural feel for every class member. We prioritize neat and controlled beauty style when providing recommendations, emphasizing inner beauty emanating through make up instead of hide-flaws approach. 

Scattered Makeup



Take your beauty experience to the next level with a personalized makeup shopping trip! We understand the frustration that comes from sifting through endless beauty aisles trying to find the perfect cosmetics for that glowing, audacious skin.


With this in mind, we're happy to provide personalized shopping experiences that make the process of selecting makeup quick, easy, and personalized! Every shopping experience will be scheduled in advance, providing clients with ample time to discuss their preferences with their personal artist experts, getting them ready for a long-awaited beauty spree.  This experience is specifically matched to the client's preference, using products significant to her, her skin style and daily routines while perfecting the art of trial techniques.


During the trip, we'll provide invaluable advice and clinical insights beyond what a regular beauty counter could ever offer, so you leave with a perfect makeup selection customized to match your style, preferences, and skin tone. We'll provide the opportunity to dive into our extensive professional makeup experience to ensure you walk away with everything you need to execute your beauty routines, luxurious!


Give yourself the gift of having our lead artist with you when picking out that desired branded lipstick or newest highlighting powder addition. Why not let us help you get organized and conquer the makeup shopping world and occasions you'll attend? Get in touch with us today to schedule your personalized makeup shopping trip and get ready to elevate your beauty routine, on the go!



Looking for some fun with your group of girls? Why not plan a party that's all about makeup! Our makeup service offers group makeup lessons to accommodate any size group, effectively providing an enjoyable and interactive environment enjoyed by all. Whether it's a birthday, bachelorette or simply a girls' night out, we're here to provide you the ultimate beauty party!
During this fun and educational opportunity, our makeup artist will provide tips and guidance to enhance the natural beauty of each person allowing your best-self to surface!. Each lesson is customized to suit each client, so at the end of the appointment, every participant is left looking and feeling their best. All it takes is to choose a favorite technique area and break down what's needed. We search for the style that boosts your fantasy! Palettes, best affordable emulsions, award-winning tools have all been included to supercharge the glam!


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