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About Me

Hello, beautiful! I'm Gia, and I'm so happy you're here.


I'm a professional makeup artist who has been in love with makeup since I was a little girl. I always knew I wanted to make people look and feel amazing with the power of makeup.I specialize in bridal and special event makeup, as well as makeup lessons for anyone who wants to learn new skills and techniques. Whether you're getting married, celebrating a milestone, or just want to treat yourself, I'm here to help you achieve your dream look.For me, makeup is more than just applying products. It's a way of expressing yourself and enhancing your natural beauty. I love getting to know my clients and understanding their needs and preferences. I believe that makeup is not only about the external, but also the internal. It's about feeling confident and beautiful in your own skin.When I'm not working, I love spending time with my family and friends, exploring new places to eat and drink, and working out. I'm always up for a challenge and a fun adventure.If you're looking for a makeup artist and beauty specialist who can create a flawless look for your special occasion, or teach you how to do it yourself, I'm your girl.


Contact me today and let's chat about your beauty goals. I can't wait to meet you!

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My Mission

As a beauty professional, my goal is to make you feel like the best version of yourself without changing who you are. I believe that beauty is not about changing yourself, but about celebrating yourself. That's why as a beauty professional, I strive to make you look and feel like a more polished version of you. I focus on enhancing your natural features and highlighting your unique personality, rather than covering them up or transforming them. I want you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and to express yourself freely and authentically. By working with me, you are not only getting a beauty service, but also an elevated beauty experience that celebrates your individuality and empowers you to shine.

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My Experience 

Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by makeup and how it can transform someone inside and out. I followed my passion and went to EMCC in high school, where I got my NYS cosmetology license right after graduation. I started my career as a hairstylist, but I soon realized that makeup was my true calling. I transitioned into a makeup artist role at MAC Cosmetics and worked with the company for over six years, learning from some of the best makeup artists in the industry. In 2018, I moved to New York City to study International Trade and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where I got my degree. Living in NYC was an incredible experience, as I got to work with amazing brands land participate in makeup for fashion shows, photo shoots, and events. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I decided to move back to Rochester, and open my own business. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients and be apart of so many special days. 

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