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Beauty Services

Facial Hair Waxing Removal Treatment

Looking for a solution to unwanted hair? Our hair removal waxing treatment is the answer. The service uses high-quality RICA waxing products and the safest and most effective techniques to remove hair.

Brow Lamination

If you're looking to add definition, volume and symmetry to your eyebrows, then brow lamination is the perfect solution for you. Our trained brow experts use gentle but efficient techniques to tame unruly and misbehaving brows, giving you the perfectly-shaped arches you deserve.

Brow Shaping

Our professional brow shaping service is perfect for those looking to enhance their natural beauty and bring out the best in their eyebrows. Our experienced and skilled beautician will work with you to understand your unique features, hair type, and personal preferences to create a personalized brow shaping experience that will leave you feeling confident and beautiful.

1.5 H | $85

45 M | $30

$10 Per Area

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